Lion Stoneware Door Stop

Question: Aloha,

I  have been doing some research about a stoneware lion that my parents gave
to me.  They got it from a relative who lived in Red Wing many
years ago.   I recently caught sight of a picture of the exact lion on
an auction site that listed it as a Red Wind Lion Door Stop.  It said there
are four known to exist.  I am now excited that I might be able to date this
critter and maybe even get more information on it if you have any.  I am
attaching a picture of it (it is from the auction site but it is the same

Please let me know if you know any more about it or if you could point me in
a direction in which I could find something.  I have loved this lion since I
became conscious  and am so happy to know a wee bit about it.



Answer: there is not a lot of history on this Lion Doorstop.  They think if was produced after the turn of the century as it is not listed in the  1895 -96 price list.  However, it could have been produced before that era.  They reportedly came in two sizes, but I do not know the sizes as they are so rare ($7,000 to $10,000) rare (I have only seen one for sale in my 25 years and that was last year at convention).  One can only wish to own one.  Al