4 gallon S/A Salt Glaze Churn

Question: Have found this 4 gallon butter churn at a sale, was wondering what the est. value would be worth. I do beleive that it is RW and has no side stamp.
size                  – 4 gal, 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide
condition           – 4 small chips at lid seat, no other cracks or chips
markings           – SA
glaze                 – salt glaze with the dark brown interior

Answer: the 4 gallon S/A churn is very nice.  There is always a little skepticism on who made these S/A pieces, but this one looks to be Red Wing.  There still is somewhat of a strong, but small group of collectors that love these S/A pieces. 

In the description described and the nice markings, I would place the value in today’s market at around $500. al