2011 Commemoratives items to be auctioned at MidWinter

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Commemorative Manager Bob Morawski announced today that there will be both silent and live auctions for 2011 Commemorative items at the 2012 MidWinter GetTogether in Des Moines, IA – February 10-12.

Version “A” has a lazy 8 target design, version “B” has a butterfly and version “C” has a bird. The Commemoratives are all stamped just like vintage churns. The stamp can appear on the front, back or either side. The stamp resembles a vintage slit oval stamp and reads “RWCS Convention 2011”. The Commemoratives were produced by Maple City Pottery in Monmouth, Illinois. The churns were hand-turned, hand-decorated and glazed with hand-thrown salt. The churn lid was pressed in a two-piece mold.(Click here to learn more)

Photo of 2011 Commemorative versions available: triple, top center; Version A, bottom left; Version B, bottom center; Version C, bottom right.

Members attending the 2012 MidWinter GetTogether will have two opportuntiese to add to their commemorative collections.

Beginning Friday, February 10 at Registration the Silent Auction begins. The silent auction will will include:

1. Set of version A, B, and C, 2011 commemoratives
2. One Triple – one piece featuring all three decorations
3. 5, Kids View versions

For the first time, the RWCS Commemorative was available in a life-size version at the 2011 Convention. Members attending various Convention events had the opportunity to bid on these life-size 4 gallon churns. Morawski reserved one set of these life-size pieces for MidWinter. At the Friday Night Speakeasy these pieces will be auction at MidWinter!

1. Version A
2. Version B
3. Version C
4. Triple, all 3 decorations on one piece
5. Special
6. Kids View Version

Photo taken at the 2011 Convention shows the life-size versions of the commemoratives.

So make plans to head to MidWinter in Des Moines, IA – February 10-12. We hope to see you there.  To learn more about MidWinter visit our event page or contact us. Click here to register today!