RWCS Storage unit burglarized

Tuesday, November 8 the Red Wing Collectors Society storage unit was found broken into. The RWCS is working with Red Wing Police.

All the pottery for the Kids View was stolen, including over 100 pieces of Red Wing Restaurant ware (see photo) for Convention Paint your Plate event. Sue Jones Tagliapietra is actively working on an inventory list. If you made a donation of a piece of Red Wing to Kids View in 2011, please email a description and value along with a photo if possible. This will help us gather the inventory list for Red Wing Police.

Example of Red Wing Restaurant Ware - 100 pieces missing

The investigating officer and the detective on the case request that we keep an eye out on Craigslist and eBay for lots originating in the area. Once we have a list, I will post it on the RWCS website.

Below are photos taken of donated pieces from the 2011 Convention. Identify marks is that all the pieces have a sticker dot with a number on them.

Please notify the police if you are offered these for purchase.

Other examples of plain Red Wing Dinneware stolen:

Tweed Text – round with raised pattern in plate