12 gallon large wing crock and 15 gallon koverweight

I have a 12 gallon Red Wing crock with a #15 kover weight. They both have a few small hairlines only on the out side not all the way through (I don’t know if that makes a differance). Was wondering what they are worth, I was approached by someone to buy them. Thank-you! LaJean


Answer: LaJean, those hairline cracks to hurt the values. In perfect condition, the value on the 12 gallon crock would be $200 to $250. The 15 gallon Koverwate, $275 to $300. Now I don’t know how big long the hairlines or how many, but value could drop to half of what I told you there were worth mint. I will let you adjust the values depending on the condition or what the other party would like to pay. Al Kohlman