30 gallon Red Wing Crock

Hello, I’m hoping you might be able to help identify a crock that my fiance and her family recently inherited. I have attached a close up picture of the markings but have a wide angle shot if desired. From what I can tell, it is a 30 gallon Red Wing crock. I’m unsure of the exact measurements (but can obtain them if needed). It has the large blue 30 as well as the Red Wing (unsure of measurement again). Based on the oval stamps on your site, it appears this one uses the #8 oval, so it was manufactured in the ’30’s but prior to ’36. The stamp reads: RED WING UNION STONEWARE CO. RED WING MINN. There are several chips and there appears to be a small crack developing along the bottom. Please let me know what additional information you might need and thank you in advance! Victor



Answer: Victor, It appears you did some homework yourself to learn about the crock. Good Job! The chips and crack would decrease the value. Current value may be about $200. Jeff