Red Wing Eureka chicken water-er

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I have a Red Wing pottery piece, a chicken feeder or waterer. It is glazed with a khaki color, it is 7 inches tall and 5½ inches in diameter. On its side is an oval branding in blue, "RED WING Union Stoneware Co. RED WING: MINN." On the bottom (or top?) it has raised lettering at the margin, "PAT ‘D APRIL 7 1885". My dad was a hatchery-man in northeastern Nebraska, and that is how it came to me. I had it in my basement for years. I moved recently and rediscovered it when unpacking. That is when I went to the internet to see what I could find. I am grateful, in advance, for any information you may have. Kathryn


Answer: Kathryn, it sounds like you have a Red Wing Eureka chicken water-er. These waters were produced anywhere from 1915 to the early 1920’s. Value in prefect condition is $1560 to $175. Al Kohlman