8 gallon Red Wing Churn with Lid

I was wondering what my crock is worth.It has the matching lid, which has a chip in the edge.The wing measures approx. 6in. wide and 4in. tall. The Union Stoneware logo is also printed on it. Scott


ANswer: Scott, first of all your 8 gallon Red Wing churn is quite nice. However, there are a couple of things you need to know and look at. First of all the lid is not original and would carry no value toward the churn. Next is the spigot. I have never seen a spigot on a churn of this size. Now it could be original, but you need to find out if the hole for the spigot is original or had been drilled after the churn was made. You need to remove the spigot and see if the inside of the hole is glazed over or not. Also, look at the inside of the churn when the spigot is removed and see if there are any chips on the edge of the spigot hole. If the hole for the spigot is original, the value of your churn would be around $2000 if the rest of the churn is in perfect condition. If the spigot hole was drilled, the value can drop to $500 to $800. Hope this helps. Al Kohlman