3 gallon albany slip etched

I found this jug and was wondering if you could tell me what it is? The only markings on it is a three that has been etched into the top by the spout across from the handle. The etched 3 has a line starting at the top of the three towards the spout, as I hope you can see from the picture. It is etched pass the glaze down into the ceramic. The base is 9" in diameter, and it is 14" from the bottom to the top of the spout. The opening is a hair more than an inch diameter with no markings on the bottom as far as I can see. It is a brown alkaline glaze and has no cracks or chips in it at all. Would love to know what history and value the jug has. Thank you. Steven


Answer: Steven, I cannot see enough of your 3 (the 3 stands for the gallon-age of the jug)gallon Albany slip beehive to tell if it is Red Wing or from another stoneware company. I would like to see the base of the handle where it attaches to the jug to better tell if it could be Red Wing. The jug would have been produced any where from 1870’s to 1895. Value not being signed is between $150 & 200. Al Kohlman