Red Wing Sponge bowl with compliments F.R. Brownell Montezuma, Iowa advertising

I have a red wing spongewar 8" bowl with this in the bottom of the bowl: compliments F.R. Brownell Montezuma, Iowa. He told me his grandfather had a store in that town and gave these to customers a a complimentary gift between 1928 and 1939. Wondering if you can tell me more about the production and distribution of this bowl. What the original price was and how much it is worth. It is in very good condition. Any information is appreciated. Shirley Weber



Answer: Shirley, these Red Wing spongeware bowls were produced in the 1920’s & 30’s. Not sure what the orginal cost would have been, but I am sure it was quite cheap. The cost would depend on how many were produced (the more produced, the cheaper the cost). In perfect condition, the value is around $150 to $175. Fewer bowls made the higher the value. Al Kohlman