6 gallon albany slip jug

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I have a brown jug with the number 6 at the top of the jug, i have researched about the jug and beleive it to be a minnesota stoneware jug. i can only find info for a 5gal jug. i have seen what a 5gal value is from the red wing stoneware identification and value guide copyright 1983 see page 22. i am also sending pictures. and below is appox measurements bottom- 12 3/4 to 13 inches height- 16 to 16 1/2 inches around center 43 to 45 inches im looking for a value, and if collector society is interested in purchasing this rare jug. Jodi


Answer: Jodi, there are quite a few areas that I need to breakdown for you on your question regarding your 6 gallon Albany slip beehive. First, I have never seen or heard of a Red Wing 6 gallon Albany slip beehive being found. Also, with the picture you have attached, there are not enough photos of the jug to prove it is Red Wing or not. We would need a number of photos of your jug to include how the handle attaches to the jug to make a reasonable judgement on it’s maker. Also, the photos you seen on page 22 of the Red Wing Stoneware book are for perfect signed pieces. From your description, your jug is not signed. Unsigned jugs have a value between $150 & $200 at best if they are indeed Red Wing. Lastly, the Red Wing Collectors Society does not purchase stoneware. It would most likely be a Red Wing Stoneware collector who would purchase a piece of Red Wing. Do do this, you would need to place your piece on eBay or an ad in the Red Wing Collectors Society Classifieds. Hope this bit of information is helpful. Al Kohlman

Additional information after recieving photos:

Jody thank you for sending the additional photos. The 6 gallon Albany Slip Beehive is definitely not Red Wing.   The way the handle attaches to the jug tells me that it can be OHIO, or Western, but this is not Red Wing.  Also, the base looks to have a crack in it.  If that is the case, the jug has a value of maybe $50.  If no crack than $200.  al