Red Wing 6 gallon butter churn with the first Ski Oval

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I have this unusual 6 gallon churn that has a metal band around the middle. I purchased it several years ago because I had never seen another one with the band. What can you tell me about this piece. It is in very good condition. Thank you. Ginger


Answer: Ginger, first of all, you have a Red Wing 6 gallon butter churn with the first Ski Oval. It was produced between 1895 & 1909. Red Wing used birch leaves before they produced the red wing. Now for the metal band or wire in the middle. That band should not be there and was but there after the churn was made. Most people use some sort of a band when a piece was cracked in order to hold it together. Therefore, I would look to see if your churn is cracked. If not, I would remove the band and hopefully the band did not rust to the point of staining your churn. If the band were removed, no staining and churn is in prefect shape the value would be between $450 & $500. Hope this helps. Al Kohlman