10 gallon bail handled Red Wing Crock

What is the value of a 10 gal crock with handles and Red Wing logo on it? I think it is 10 gal. it is very big. it is in excellent condition. I alao have a pitcher that is beige colored. I can’t find it in any books about Red Wing pottery. As a child we lived an hour away from the factory and would take sunday afternoon drives to visit the factory. i don’t have a current photo. Can send one t a later date. Cheryl


Answer: Cheryl, a perfect Red Wing 10 gallon crock would have a value between $150 & $225. Value all depends on how well marked your crock is. Also, if you can send a photo of your picture to director@redwingcollectors.org , I would be happy to help you out with it if it indeed is Red Wing. thanks Al Kohlman