5 Gallon Red Wing Stoneware Jug

Hello I found a Red Wing Union Stoneware jug in a land slide that I was clearing away. It is in perfect shape as far as I can tell, other than a few small chips in the glaze at the bottom of the jug. The jug has a rather large handle, a large stylized blue 5, a six inch red wing and then the RedWing stamp below. My guess is that it is from around the prohabition days as the area that I was working in was rather reknown for its moon shining history. If you could possibly give me an idea of what it is worth I would appreciate it. I am not interested in selling it as the story behind the finding of it is worth keeping the jug. Thank you Merle Core Washington State Thanks Merle


Answer: Merie, there were two styles of jugs produced by Red Wing in the 5 gallon size. The first jug is know as the beehive jug. This hand turned jug would have a value in the area of $350 in perfect condition. The second and later jug is known as the shoulder jug. This jug would have a 1/2 in shoulder that would be just below the base of the handle and is a molded jug rather than hand turned. Value on this jug would be between $75 & 100. Look to see if you have a 1/2" shoulder towards the top of the jug. If no flat edge, than you have a beehive jug. If still not sure, send me a photo and I will send you in the right direction. Al Kohlman