Stoneware Quart Jar and Belle Kogan 100 line vase 765

I have a vase and a stoneware quart jar that I think are both red wing products the vase is 8" high 6 1/2 wide and 3" deep it is a rusty burnt orange or copper color with the number 765 and red wing stamped on the bottom. I have looked up that number and it shows a stove vase not mine. The stoneware jar has writing stamped on bottom but can not make it out except for the words mason and company with what looks like a patent # of 2410 or pat. Jan 24 10 there are no other markings on this jar except the lid which is a ball lid with milk glass inserted in the cap. The vase is in great shape with no damages the jar has a few chips and some hairline cracking in the glaze how old are these and what are they worth. Thank you for your help. Michael


Answers: Michael

your vase is part of Kogan’s 100 line from 1939, copper is the glaze color. Value is around 75.00. thanks, steve n rose

Michael, your Red Wing art pottery vase will need to be answered by the art pottery experts. The Stoneware fruit jar you have looks and sounds like the Red Wing mason jars. Without the label on the front and the poor bottom stamp, I am afraid the value will be quite low. $25 to $50. It is the decoration or advertising that collectors are looking for. Al Kohlman