5 gallon Red Wing Shoulder Jug

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Al: When antiquing this week, I saw a 2-3 large, 5 and 6-gallon solid white Red Wing Jugs. Realizing that "condition" is everything to a collector, what is the general price range for these? And is there a big price difference between the 5 and the 6-gallon version? And, I’ve seen (I think) about a 2", and about a 4", and about a 6" Red Wing (how does that impact value, and what does that tell me about the era’s these were made)? Last question, does the "angled" oval on this one impact its value? Thanks.


Answer: The photo you have here is a 5 gallon Red Wing shoulder jug. These jugs were made in 3, 4, & 5 gallon sizes. So the 6 you are referring to must be a crock. These shoulder jugs with the 4 1/2 inch wing were manufactured between 1917 & 1930. The angled oval would have no impact on the value. In today’s market your jug in perfect condition is valued around $75. Also, after 1930 the red wing dropped down to a 2 7/8" size. The shoulder jugs stayed in production until 1947. The larger the wing the greater the value. So a 6 inch wing on a 5 gallon shoulder jug would be valued higher. Around $125 in mint condition. Al Kohlman