4 gallon Salt Glaze Crock, drop 8 decoration

I was wondering if this Crock could possibly be Red Wing, and if it is any guess on Value? Its in A-1 shape , except the usual factory flaws….Thank you, Sally


Answer: From what I can see of your 4 gallon crock, it looks like it is not Red Wing. The rim looks wider then normal and you don’t usually see a tie line on these smaller crocks. The right handle (which I can see the best) is questionable. The design would be called a drop 8 on a Red Wing piece is not correct. Now, I may be mistaken, but with what I can see, this would be my opinion. Value on your piece in mint condition would be around $100 as it is well decorated and the decoration covers the front of the crock. A nice looking piece. Al Kohlman