Brushed Ware glaze water cooler stand

Hi, I have this Red Wing Union Stoneware water cooler that stands 13" tall, and is 9-3/4" wide at the base. The base has four holes in the outer edge as well and is not glazed. There is not top to this piece and it has a yellow/greenish glaze on the inside. It has a metal spigot that works just fine and the marking I can only make out Red Wing Union Stoneware and MINN, but I can’t make out anything else (I have 3 more pictures, including the mark at the bottom.. I would appreciate any information, thanks a bunch! ~Chris

Answer: Hi Chris

this is a water cooler, done is Brushed Ware glaze, so it would date to around 1930 or so. I know of one, that has a partial paper label on it. Think it is radium water, from somewhere in Minnesota. I don’t know of any shape #, and it is just one of those odd forms that shows up every so often. Nice item, value is around 300.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose