4 gallon Water Cooler – Red Wing

Hello. I have a quick question. I have a Red Wing water cooler 4 gallon. It is in near perfect condition with great color, no chips or cracks. The black mark shown below the wing is under the glaze. It is only missing the spigot. I think it may be missing the spigot because it looks un-used. Did these come w/ the spigot seperate when new? Also can you please give me an idea of the value? I cannot find another like it, in 4 gallon. Thank you for your time. Jessica


Answer: Jessica, your Red Wing Water Cooler is the latest cooler produced (between 1936 & 1947). When they were sold in stores they were equipped with a spigot. You can pick up an original spigot for around $50. If your cooler is in mint condition the way it sits, the value in today’s market for this later cooler with lid is around $500. Al Kohlman