double handled salt glazed beehive

Enclosed are photos of a double handled salt-glazed beehive jug. I know it isn’t Red Wing because it says Port (or Fort) Edward Stoneware Co. on it with a city name I can’t make out and then N.Y. It also has a 3 which I assume is gallons. Then it has a M.A. (or H.A.) INGALLS, LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. on it. It measures 15-1/2" high and 10" diameter of bottom. It is in good condition with no chips or cracks but does have some crazing in the glaze. I would like to know the value but don’t know where I could get an estimated value. Could you take a guess as to the value of my jug? Thanks a lot. Dayton


Answer: Dayton, taking a guess and it is only a guess, I would think your jug would have a value around $300. Now this is only a guess. Al Kohlman