Crescent Creameries lid

I dug a piece of stoneware at Red Wing just before the summertime time that i do not know anything about. it is a disk measuring about 5 inches across and has big bold letters on it that read: Crescent Creameries, Trade Mark with a moon and star. It is covered on the front with albany slip and is very bold in markings. there is a chip on the edge as well but it looks to be solid. I found a part to another one as well but I did not save that part, as it was broken. i was wondering what it is worth and how rare it is? Please let me know. Jason.


Jason, I know the Crescent Creamery stamp you are referring to ( it is on a butter crock), but do not know of a disk or exactly what type of piece your are referring to . If you could send me a photo, it would better help me out. Please email to Al Kohlman