30, 15, and 4 gallon crock without lids

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We’re helping a widow from church downsize her belongings. She has four RW union stoneware crocks w/o lids. 30gal, 15gal, 5gal, 4gal-each from 1915. There are no visible flaws. What can she expect to get for them from an antique dealer in central WI? Thank you very much.


Answer: Well first of all, the antique dealer will need to make some money on his/her investment, so they will not give your friend the full value of each piece. I would expect half of their full value would be my guess. Full value on a nice 30 is $300 to $350, 15 is $175 to $225 5 is $60 to $75 4 $60 to 75. This is my best guess without seeing the pieces. All depends on how well the markings and condition. Good Luck. Al Kohlman