15 gallon red wing cooler

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Hello, My family runs a large soft drink company in New England called Polar Beverages. We have been around since 1882 and started with Mineral water and some Spirts. I’m a bit of a pack-rat so occasionaly people try to move something along. A large Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing Minn. The number 15 in blue is at the top, next is a large red wing, and at the bottom red wing union. Below that is a plated ball valve like for hose on the side of a house. At the top 90% from the valve on the bottom is a make up valve. It’s not much different than a toilet water make up float. It is a traditional stonewear color, a light grey. the top cover has a wodden and metal handle in the center. Around the center of the cap has decorations like a flower. Thank you in advance for any information. Chris Crowley


Answer: Chris, if it wasn’t for you pack rats, us collector would have nothing to collect. Your 15 gallon Red Wing crock sounds like it has a spigot hole on the side bottom. I may be incorrect but with a hose this is usually the case. The make up valve would not be original to the crock. You did not mention any handles on the side of the crock. So with this information, your crock was manufactured between 1909 & 1915. Many of these large crocks with spigot holes were used in manufacturing, dairies & chemical plants. Your 15 gallon Red Wing crock in mint condition with a 6 inch wing would have a value close to $250. The lid in mint condition would be $200. Hope this helps. Al Kohlman