2 gallon western crock

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I have these two lids that I had thought to be Red Wing, but now I’m not sure. Based on the "ring" where the glaze was scraped off prior to firing, I’m guessing they are from the same company. Can you tell me anything about them, please? The small one (with a 3 on the knob) fits perfectly on the 2 gallon crock shown, but is a slightly different color/glaze. So apparently they are two different manufacturers. It has an overall diameter of 9.25 inches. The large lid (with an 8 on the knob)has an overall diameter of 14 inches.


Answer: Your two stoneware lids are not Red Wing. They could be Western or from another mid-western stoneware company. Just not sure. Wish I could have been more helpful. Al Kohlman