Value of Butter fly crocks

Hi, I don’t have a photo for this question,but here goes. Can you tell me anything about the butterfly design crocks which were made on some salt glaze pieces? How desireable are these blue cobalt designs? I have seen a few crocks with the usual applied handles etc. I don’t know how to assess their value,but they seem old and decorative. If I buy one,I’ll send photo but I don’t know what their worth. Thanks


Answer: This is a tough question without a photo of a specific butterfly crock. Other companies did use a butterfly on there smaller crocks. The North Star Company had a primitive butterfly, there are signed butterfly crocks and butterflies with open wings and closed wings. These crocks are valued on their beauty, size and condition. With all this being said, I do not want to give you any false information as I may be thinking of a different butterfly than you are looking at. For this question, I really need a photo to help you out. Al Kohlman