Red Wing Poultry Drinking Fountain and Buttermilk Feeder

I have a Redwink Poultry Drinking Fountain & Buttermilk feeder. The top is in great condition. The tray however has cracks in it. Could you tell me the value of the top. Thank you Nona


Answer: Nona, the Red Wing Poultry Drinking Fountains came in 4 sizes. The most common is the 1 gallon. The 1 gallon size has a value around $60 without the tray. The cracked tray would be valued around $20. The 1 quart would be valued around $100 today. The tray would be value around $400 to $600 if it were in mint condition. As you can see, quite a price range depending on what size you have. Al Kohlman