5 gallon, Red Wing Potteries, Brown Top Jug

we recently acquired an atypical five-gallom brown top, zinc-glazed shoulder jug. in size and style, it is similar to our other five gallon shoulder jug. however, it is different in that: 1) there is no wing on the jug; 2) the number "5" on the jug is not the typical red wing stamped five but rather a much smaller one-half inch tall number; and 3) the oval reads "red wing potteries, inc. red wing, minn". we have not seen a jug like this; can you shed some information on this find?


Answer: Your are correct on the 5 not being typical of a Red Wing gallonage stamp. It looks to be the same type of gallonage stamp used in the later versions of the Koverwates. Your jug has the potteries oval, so this tells me that your jug was manufactured between 1936 & 1947. You have an interesting jug and I am sure there are not a lot of these to be found. Thanks for the photo and question. Al Kohlman