5 gallon jug, 2 gallon butter churn, 12 gallon watercooler

I have 3 Red Wing items that I am interested in knowing the value of : All 1) 12" Butter (2) churn with lid 2) 12" Water Cooler with Hinman Milker Mankato,MN advertising logo 3) 17" Jug (5) with Handle All items have some wear along the bottom edge but otherwise are not cracked. Would appreciate knowing the value and /or other information on these items. Thanks Karla M. Kritz


Answer: Karla, the only item that I feel comfortable with a value is the 5 gallon shoulder jug pictured here. It’s value is $50 to $75 in mint condition in today’ s market. The 2 gallon Red Wing butter churn will depend on what size the red wing is. The 2 inch wing in mint condition is valued between $150 & $175. The 4 1/2 inch wing is valued between $250 & $300 (without the lids). However, a photo would be very helpful. The Hinman Milker Mankato,MN advertising water cooler is one item where I really need a photo to better help you out with. You may email your pictures to director@redwingcollectors.org.Al Kohlman