Wax Sealer, Minnesota Stamp (M5)

What is "Albany slip"? I found a book titled "Redwing Stoneware" by Dan & Gail DePasquale & Larry Peterson. On page 113 there is a picture of my wax seal crock. It states that the only Redwing wax seal ever to be found to be marked was the 1 quart barrel, but the jar I have is clearly marked on the bottom and is a 1 gallon size. It states the value at $100 to $150.


Answer: The wax sealer that you have photoed here is a Minnesota Stamp (M5) and not a Red Wing Stamp. The word above Red Wing is Minnesota and below the Red Wing is Stoneware. What this all means is that your wax sealer was made by the Minnesota Stoneware Company in Red Wing Minnesota. Also, the book value for your piece is (2006 values) $50 to $60. In today ecomony, this value would be about right. Hope all of this helps. Al Kohlman