4 gallon elephant ear, 3 gallon beehive jug

Greetings Al, First, thank you for providing this wonderful resource for collectors! My family really enjoys collecting red wing pieces and love the site. we recently picked up these two items. The churn is obviously red wing, but we aren’t sure about the jug. Could you give us your insight and tell us what you think the pieces are worth? The churn does have a crack on the side, but it does not show through the inside. The jug has no cracks or chips, but has what appears to be a factory mishap on the front. Thanks for your help!


Answer: Happy to hear your family enjoys this Red Wing site. Your 4 gallon elephant ear churn with the crack on the side and no oval will have a value around $100 to $150. The crack or line is the most serious thing on the churn that will reduce it’s value. The two other areas are; no oval and the missing bottom portion of the leaf on the left side of the churn. Also the ecomony right now is not helping anything.

Your 3 gallon beehive with the lazy eight and target mark is not Red Wing. Red Wing did not attach the back of the handle to the jug by pushing a finger or thumb in the center of the handle to secure it to the jug. The burn mark on the side of the jug is from touching an another piece of stoneware in the kiln during the firing process. Either way, this is still a nice piece and I would place the value in the $300 range. Al Kohlman