4 gallon reverse oval

I came across this piece of stoneware at a garage sale in TX about 8 years ago. I am by no means a collector, and am actually looking at selling this piece. It’s about 12 inches high, by 12 inches wide. It has a small hairline fracture, that doesn’t go all the way through the piece. It’s pictured underneath the markings. It has rusted metal handles. On the right hand side, underneath one of the handles, it says "Patented December 28 either 1916 or 1956, I think. It’s hard to read the year. On the bottom of the piece is a faded numer 14. It’s in very good condition. I appreciate any information you can give me about this piece. Hopefully I can part with it and put it in the hands of someone who truly values this type of stoneware. Thank you Michelle

Answer: Michelle, your Red Wing 4 gallon crock is quite unique with a reversed oval. I do see a spider crack in the side which will reduce it’s value somewhat. I would think your reversed oval 4 gallon Red Wing crock would bring between $175 & $200. The best place to sell it would be EBay. Good luck on your sale as it is a nice looking crock. Al Kohlman