6 gallon birch leave, salt glaze

Hi there-Can you help me identify this piece of what we think is very old redwing pottery? The initials R.W.S.Co. are imbedded on the front. It has what looks like a 6 painted on the front with a line underneath it with a pretty blue leaf below it. It has a black-brown salt glaze inside. It measures 14.5" tall and 12.5" across. It has the original wires around the base (a double wire), and just under the rim. The handles look like they’re kind of built in to the side of the crock. It’s really beautiful and I’d love to know more about it. Maybe where it came from, the age, and approx value? Thanks so mcuh for your help! I really appreciate it!


Answer: Your have a 6 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf crock which is front stamped. The R.W.S. Co. stands for "Red Wing Stoneware Company" . Your crock was manufactured somewhere between 1877 & 1895. In mint condition the value would be close to $900. However, you mention the original wires under the rim and at the base. Sorry, but these wires are not original and were usually put there to hold the crock together because of a crack.. If your crock has a crack, the value would be reduced to $300 or under depending on the size of the crack and how much rust was left on the crock after the wires were removed. Nice looking crock! Al Kohlman