4 gallon churn, salt glaze

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I’ve had this churn for about 40 years. I don’t know much about it. (At one time it was used as a planter and as the plant "out grew" its owners it was passed from household to household until ended up in at my mother’s house. When the plant died, she stuck the churn in her cellar where I found it, cleaned the dirt our and used in for a waste basket until I got married. Its had a place of honor in the ocrner of our kitchen ever since. When I found your site, I thought it could be Red Wing. Its 15 inches high, about 9 inches across at the top, and after owning it for 40 years I noticed tonight that it looks like there is a 4 (as in 4 gal,) above the swirling design on the front. Is it Red Wing? Can you estimate the value (there are no chips or cracks in it.) I tried to attach two picturesif they don’t both come through, the inside has avery dark brown glaze, the outside is "salt glazed" I believe


Answer: Your 4 gallon churn is a salt glaze piece, but it is not Red Wing. It is a mid-western pottery piece, but I just have no idea of who would have made it or it’s value. Sorry I could not be of further help. Al Kohlman