8 gallon butter churn with bee sting

I recently just purchased what I believe to be a Red Wing butter churn that stands about 2.5 feet tall. It has the number 8 written in a cobalt pattern with the classic bee sting pattern beneath it. It also has a large flower with a small bee that is circling the head of the flower. All of these designs are in cobalt and the piece itself has a slight hour glass shape to it. There is also a thin band/indent that goes around the upper third of the churn that was marked right into the piece. I’ve collected stoneware for quite a few years now and this piece is definitely old and not reproduction. Have you ever heard of or seen a pattern like this on a "bee sting" piece of stoneware? Any pricing ideas? Thanks


Answer: This 8 gallon churn sounds like a nice piece of salt glaze. However, there were a number of mid-west stoneware companies that produced these. I am having a little trouble trying to picture the entire piece in my mind and therefore just cannot tell you for sure who may have made your piece or a value. If there is any way you can send me a photo, I would love to see the piece and hopefully help you out. Al Kohlman