Follow up on salt glaze preserve jar

Dear Al, I was curious as to why you would consider this a preserve jar vs a butter churn? Could I send more pictures? Would you need one of the opening? I attached your previous response below. Thank you. 4 gallon salt glaze preserve jar Question: I picked up this churn at a flea market. Is it Red Wing, and from what time frame? And what would the approximate value be? It does have a small hairline near the top about 6" long on the upper left. Thank you Answer: Your salt glaze piece is not a Red Wing churn. I could be a Red Wing or a Western Preserve jar. I would really need to see more of this piece to say for sure. The time frame it was made in would be anywhere from the late 1860’s to the early 1890’s. The 6" hairline would hurt the value. The value would be in the area of $125 to $150 regardless of who manufactured your jar. Al Kohlman


Answer: If you look at your piece and look in the Red Wing Stoneware book by Dan DePasquale, Gail Peck & Larry Peterson, you will see all the churn styles produced by Red Wing. You will notice that these styles of churns do not match yours. Next I would like you to turn to page 118 of the Red Wing Stoneware book and you will see the Red Wing 5 gallon zinc glaze preserve jar which has about the same shape as yours. Now your piece may be a butter churn. If it is, it was manufacture by some other company then Red Wing as the Red Wing Stoneware Company did not produce this style of butter churn. Hope this helps. Al Kohlman