1 gallon stoneware jug, advertising G Martini Calumet Mich.

I bought a one gallon stoneware jug w/wooden bail and wooden or cork (not sure as it is aged) stopper still intact. There is black lettering inside a black outlined box which states G MARTINI CALUMET MICH. The top half of jug is brown crockery and bottom half is cream. I tried to find out some information about G Martini and the only thing I could find out was that they were liquor dealers in Calumet and that they used Red Wing pottery for advertising. I was wondering if my piece could be Red Wing as there are no markings or I am not sure what to look for. It is in excellent condition with the printing very clear. I will try to post a picture if that will help.


Answer: I am quite sure that your one gallon brown top jug with G MARTINI CALUMET MICH. advertising is Red Wing. There are a quite a few of these jugs around. Value is in the area of $250 to $300 depending on condition and who well marked. Al Kohlman