Blue Band Pitcher with Searles, MN advertising

I have a pitcher from Red Wing that say’s "IT PAYS TO TRADE AT SEARLES GENERAL STORE ED. J. SEIFERT SEARLES, MINN.. It has a double banded blue ring with a reddish brown pattern of some sort in between. The blue bands are about 1/16th of a inch. It is the typical off white color in general. Any ideas? Ed J. Seifert is my husbands’ realative. We don’t know how. That’s all I got. Any help would be appreciated! We also have a 15 gal. and a 2 gal. crock with the red wing wings on it. Wealso have a 5 gal. crock that just has a blue crown with the #6 in the middle of it. Any idea on that one??? Love to hear a response! THANKS A BUNCH! M


Answer: Your pitcher is a Red Wing sponge-band gray line pitcher and was produced in the 1920’s. These advertising pieces were given away as promotions to a stores regular customers.. In mint condition it sells between$450 & $550 depending on how few of these were made. Your 6 gallon crown crock was manufactured by the Robinson Ransbottom Pottery in Ohio which closed it’s doors in 2005. Value on these crown crocks are quite low. Your crock’s value would be around $40. Al Kohlman