Red WIng Stoneware Milk Pan (Blue Bowl)

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This is my Grandmothers bread bowl according to my Mother. Grandma was born in 1888 so it’s kind of old. It’s marked RWSCo on the bottom. I cant find a lot of information other than its and early Red Wing Company. The bowl measures 12 inches across and about 5.5 inches high. Can you tell me the age and value please.


Answer: Your grandmother’s Red Wing bowl was called a Milk Pan. These milk pans appeared in every Red Wing catalog ever published and were being manufactured before 1906 and went into the 1920’s. The signed blue milk pan which is what you have here is quite hard to find. Value $125 to $175 in mint condition. With your Grandmothers blue milk pan being a 12" pan (nice and large), I would place the value at the higher range I gave you. Nice milk pan! Al Kohlman