Canteen Question, Back side photo

Hello, Al- Here is a picture of the back of my Red Wing Canteen.. I can’t get it any better (Cheap Camera)..It reads in blue—RED WING STONEWARE CO. RED WING, MN. and a blue wing in the middle. I paid $100. Did I get riped off?? Please tell all you can about this item real or not any info would be great. Thanks. Sherri


Answer: Sherri, your Red Wing canteen is a reproduction. I don’t know what they sell for, but I would say for $100 you were ripped off. The company that manufactured these is the Red Wing Potteries. The original Red Wing Stoneware Company never had a wing in there ovals. We are placing a notice on the Red Wing Collectors Society Web page on the two new companies, their ovals and what to watch for. I know this is of little help now, but hopefully it will educate other young collectors in the future. Al Kohlman