2 gallon red wing

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Valuation of a 2 gallon crock with blue 2, red wing underneath, oval stamp w/red wing,Union Stoneware Co. In great shape. Owner wants to sell, told me to find out value, then we dicker $ Thanks for any and all help!


Answer: This is kind of a tough answer to give without seeing the crock. What is the size of the wing? A 4 1/2" wing will have a larger value than one with a 2" wing. How dark and clear are the markings? Now here we go. If the wing is 4 1/2" long from it’s longest points and marking are dark and clear. $50 to $60. Anything less than this, the value goes down. A 2" wing will most likely have a potteries oval, so I don’t think your crock has the 2" wing. But if it does, the value would be in the area of $40. This is the best I can give you without seeing a photo of the piece. So good luck with your dickering. Al Kohlman