4 Gallon Target Crock

Is this a Red Wing? The markins are blue with a swirl design. There are no stamps or markings that I could find. It seems to be in mint condition. If so is there a name for the design. their seems to be a number 4 above the swirl. It has two lip style handles. It’s a piece that I found in my mothers things.I ll be grateful for any information you could give me,since I don’t know anything about antique crocks. Thanks Sheri


Answer: Sheri, your 4 gallon crock looks to be Red Wing. The design is called the Lazy 8 target. Your 4 gallon crock is from the salt glaze era and was most likely manufactured between 1877 & 1895. In mint condition it would have a value close to $150. Pretty piece! Al Kohlman