5 Gallon Packing/Storage Jar

Greetings Al, my question is pertaining to the 5 GL S/G Packing/Storage Jar. I added this to my collection today and I think it’s fantastic, need the lid but that will be my next quest. It is not signed so I know the routine about is it or isn’t it RW. Everything about it screams Minnesota to me, the handles are spot on, the Clay color is spot on and the thickness of the rim, etc…. Once again I find myself asking the higher power (You, of course) for your opinion. Any and all information you can provide including value is as always appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge. -Paul


Answer: Paul, from what I can see, your 5 gallon storage jar could be Red Wing, but kind of hard to tell for sure. Everything looks right though. I love the shape of these jars and would place a value on your between $250 & $350. Al Kohlman