5 Gallon Blue Ribbon Jug

I am going to an auction this weekend. They have a 4 gallon "blue ribbon" stone jug. I do not have any pictures, but I did look this up on ebay. Could only find one item. It was a 3 gallon crock. It had the number 3 made fancy like a red wing 3 gallon crock, but had a blue ribbon below it. You might look it up and see it for yourself. I have seen red wing crocks with that fancy number 3 on them, but never have I seen a blue ribbon below it. Is this a special kind of red wing crock or just an off brand?? I was just wondering if this could be a red wing crock?? Thank you for you time and have a nice day.


Answer: The blue ribbon stoneware pieces are not Red Wing. I do not know where they were manufactured. There values are quite low compared to Red Wing. Al Kohlman