Red Wing Cherry Band Pitcher

I have a Red Wing cherry band pitcher (the bands are blue) that is in good condition. It has a chip on botton of the pitcher. There are no stamps on it. I appears to be very old, it does not look like a replica. Handwritten on the botton is the name "Joe" and beneath his name is "20" which is worn but can still be read. There are a couple of finger prints imbeded on the blue band portion. Do you have any information on this piece? What is might appraise for? I have downloaded a picture that looks just like mine which I found on the internet.


Answer: The Red Wing Cherry Band pitcher is quite collectible among the Blue & White and Red Wing Collectors. However, collectors are funny people when it comes to pitchers. They like them mint with no chips, hairlines or cracks. In mint condition, the pitcher shown could fetch $200. With a chip the price would drop to half. Still a nice piece of Red Wing. Al Kohlman