5 Gallon Salt Glaze

We have a pitcher labelel "Inter City Fuel Co., Inc." It is about 7 3/4" high. On the bottom is a blue circle in which it says "Made in Red Wing". Is it Red Wing pottery? If so, what is it worth? We also have a five gallon crock with no bottom markings (see picture). could it be Red Wing? Thank you for your help!


Answer: Your pitcher is Red Wing and I would guess it to be Gray Line. There should be a sponge band going around the pitcher just a little over half way. If this is the case, then in mint condition it would have a value between $225 & $250. If a city were on the advertising the value would be greater.

Your 5 gallon salt glazed crock is not Red Wing. It was most likely produced by another mid-western stoneware company. Al Kohlman