Ice Tea Cooler

I would like to know if the item I have is Red wing stoneware. It is a iced tea cooler with a number 4 at the top, the words ice tea cooler in mid section and a spicket valve that you turn not push at bottom and metal handles on the side. All writing is in blue 2 blue lines around crock at top and also at bottom. It has a lid with the pedal design around it. No other markings, no red red wing. No advertising. If not redwing who do you think is the maker and the value? Thank you, Amy Thank you for your help.

Answer: It sounds like you have a Red Wing Ice Tea cooler from the discription you gave me. It would be very helpful if I could see a photo of it to be sure, but I would bet it is. The cooler by itself would be in the area of $300 if in mint condition & the lid if in mint condition $350 ($650 complete). Most of the Ice Tea coolers manufactured by the Red Wing Stoneware Company did not have a red wing. If there was a red wing on it, the value would be much higher. Still a nice piece. Al Kohlman