Red Wing Provincial Ware Bean Pot

I have a red wing beanpot the pottery is thin 2 handles says on the side redwing provincalware no28 1/2 gal size what is it when was it made what year no chips whats it’s value

Answer: Red Wing Provincial Ware is a cookware set made in the early to mid 1940s, primarily during the World War II years. The set consists of casseroles, bean pots and baking dishes. The interiors and covers have a rust colored glaze while the exteriors are bisque (unglazed). These exteriors proved to be very difficult to keep clean, and most pieces today have a dirty stained appearance.

Few collectors are interested in this line because it is not a full dinnerware pattern, only a limited number of cookware items. The dirty appearance also reduces interest. Your bean pot should have a cover. A covered bean pot in good condition would be worth $20-25; in badly stained condition $5-10. If the bean pot has no cover the value would be $5 or less.