The Rare Ski Oval

Hi. I am a intermediate redwing collector, having started my collection about 4 years ago with a 2 gallon little wing crock that I purchased at a flea market. Now, my collection has grown to over 15 crocks, jugs, churns, and water coolers. I am having a hard time decifering what the "ski oval" is. I have a couple of crocks that have Red Wing Potteries Co. Red Wing, MN in it and others say various things. Please if you could please describe and or send me a picture of what the "rare ski oval" looks like I would be very grateful! Thank you again!


Answer: Hello. The Ski oval is this first oval produced by the Red Wing Stoneware Company and is the most collectible oval among the collectors. The ski oval is not rare, but just hard to get as they get gobbled up by those darn collectors. The ski oval is a large oval, 2 /7/8 inches long. The name RED WING is at the top of the oval, right under the name RED WING is a small line about 1/2 inch long in the shape of a "ski". This is where it gets the name ski oval. (It will be the only large oval with one line where the other three large ovals will have two lines in them). Under the ski the words "Union Stoneware" will be the next line. Under it is "CO." and the bottom line will read. RED WING, MINN. I hope this helps. Remember to look for only one line in the oval and that line looks like a ski. Good luck with your collecting and thanks for your question. Al Kohlman