Red Wing Salt Glaze

Yes, just wondering when looking at a RW salt glazed crock, regardless of size, the name for the tear-drop marks apart from the target design. I believe I have heard them refered as tobacco marks. I have seen these on the blue target crocks.


Answer: If I understand you correctly I think your are referring to the glassy marble dark drips that appear on the sides of salt glaze crocks and jugs that are from the kiln and not part of the decorations. These drips are referred to as Turkey droppings. During the firing process for salt glaze pieces, rock salt was thrown into the kiln during the firing process. In the high heat, the salt would vaporize and provide a nice glaze over the crocks and jugs. This vaporized salt would also glaze the inside of the kiln at the same time. After many firings without cleaning the kiln, this salt glaze began to drip from the ceilings of the kiln unto the jugs and crocks. When this dripping became heavy, the pottery would stop production long enough to clean the kilns in order to product a cleaner looking product. Al Kohlman