Mini Jugs

have started collecting "mini" jugs. I have in the past collected stoneware jugs and have around 150 on hand. Now I am going after the mini ones. When I speak of mini I mean 1 1/2 In. and down. I have some less than a 1/4 In. in height. I have about 125 of the unglazed ones from the Akron (sp) Ohio marble and toy co. that burned down around 1908. I have 50 or 60 under 1In. that have different glazes on them. There is very little info I can find on these jugs. The best I can tell is the most of them had a paper label on them and were used as political ads. Some were used as watch fobs. If I am wrong or if you have ANY info on these "micro mini" jugs please let me know. Or paste me a link to the info. thank you for your time. Bimbo Kohen 10066 Hwy 84 Silas AL. 36919 251-542-9456 P.S. I have been an officer in the Rebel State Archaeological Society for over 15 years. I know a fair amount about Indian artifacts and have a good collection of items. But I need to learn about the "Micro Mini Jugs"


Answer: I apologize to the fact that I have no information on the mini jugs from the Akron Ohio Marble and Toy Company. My stoneware expertise lies with Red Wing & Wisconsin Stoneware and some Western Stoneware pieces. Al Kohlman